Graphic Design:
With almost 15 years working professionally in the news, visual and design industry, I have grown technically and artistically and have continued to make that an ever evolving goal. Studying Multimedia Design and Communication in 2003, I learned the important fundamentals in digital design and technology. Later moving to Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, I got back to tradition, learning the value of traditional media, as well as being inspired like never before! I then moved to Toronto in 2006, where I went to work starting out as a freelance graphic designer for various companies and ending up at Rossignol and Associates. At Rossignol, I was put in charge of much of the production artwork and design created for Mirvish Productions (Canada's largest theatre company), managing, producing and creating; newspaper ads, billboards, flyers and all things related to marketing some of the top theatre productions in the world. My work at Rossignol has been featured throughout the Toronto area, as well as many major publications throughout Canada and abroad. I currently work for the Winnipeg Sun as a graphic designer, photographer and slot editor, helping to create the paper read by thousands each day.

At the age of 10 my dad gave me my first camera. Over the years growing up, I had strong passion to make photos and was obsessed with reading photography books and magazines. I carried my little camera everywhere while travelling with my dad throughout Western Canada and the Rocky Mountains every summer. Later in life, my father-in-law gave me his old Pentax Spotmatic (which he purchased brand new, in Japan, in the 1950's) and the rest is history. I moved from the film Pentax to digital and I'm now an official gear freak. The mere thought of photography, cameras, flashes, etc., sends excitement through my soul. Throughout the years I have had the chance to shoot everything from family portraits to landscapes and everything in between. I also spent time working as an assitant as well as a designer for a Toronto based film and photography boutique. I just love to explore with my camera and I take pride in my visual eye and technical know how when it comes to photography. It is an ongoing pursuit and passion to capture moments in time and express the beauty of people, places and things. I now shoot everything from headshots, family portraits, weddings and everything else I can.

At the age of 19, I headed out on the road as a freelance drummer gaining extensive knowledge and experience in the music and recording industry. Jamming, touring, teaching, recording, I have done it all. Throughout my music career, I have played all sorts of genre's from rock and metal in shady bars and basements, to gospel music in spirit filled churches and everything in between, from coffee shops to arenas. I also took time to study the theories of world drumming, including African and Latin rhythm making as well as tribal drumming amongst aboriginal people. It is still a huge passion of mine and always will be a part of my life.